Kamakiri Workshop

Snap Tool Set

販売価格 価格 ¥2,500 通常価格 単価  あたり 

税込 配送料は購入手続き時に計算されます。

The Snap Tool Set allows you to attach your iPhone (or any of our HITCH products) to a belt, bag or wherever you wish.

The Snap Tool Set comes with:

- 5 sets of male snaps 

- 5 snap screw studs

- punch tool

- flaring tool

- punching base 



Using the punch tool, create a hole in your belt, or any material you wish to install the male snap to. (*It is important to note that if the material is too thick, then the snap will not install properly) Place the button part of the snap fastener through the hole and place it on the die with the concave side down. Place the male stud on the other side of the material and use the flaring tool and a hammer (*not included) to flatten the rivet. 

For the Snap Screw Studs:

Screw the screw stud directly into the appropriate surface.